This is a reference to my last post so it would be helpful to read that first before continuing.

After some hardcore investigating I was finally able to get in contact with the leader of the mystery band I went to see at my school’s student center two weeks ago. A tall, long haired dude by the name of Mikael who goes under the pseudonym, Mikavillain, is the main rapper and mastermind behind the bizarre, psychedelic wonder that is the mystery band. Check out Mikavillain’s Soundcloud at, where you can download almost all of his songs for free. What’s great about his music is that it creates a balance between intimate, soft, and personal, while at the same time a powerful force of nature. However, I highly recommend catching a rare live show with Mika’s mystery crew where the powerful force of nature part completely takes over and kicks total ass. Please check out his soundcloud and the old post about the mysterious force of nature that is Mikavillain. Once again thanks for reading and check the fb page and twitter




This weekend I decided to grow up and buy a bottle of wine. In the long run it was a good decision because if I had stuck with my usual whiskeys I wouldn’t have remembered the amazing concert at my school’s student center on Friday night. The drummer, Devoye, has his own project featured on a record label called Dirty Tapes (just throwing that out there). With mild inebriation I was ready for what I was told by Devoye would be a fantastic show. As the musicians were setting up I took a couple of pictures, and a few more sips of my big boy wine. Finally, the show began to pick up speed once the lead and backup singer arrived.


At first I thought “ok this is definitely a sublime cover band get me out of here,” but I should have known to not judge books by their covers when the band busted out an MPD and voice synthesizer. I didn’t understand it, but their music assured me I didn’t have to, and I should just go with the flow.

Shitty camera work^

This band really pulled off a great live show by blending both acoustic and electronic elements in their songs. The whole crowd seemed to really enjoy the energy and atmosphere that the band was giving off. At one point the entire front row composed only of beautiful girls were rocking and jumping to their music. As well as being instrumentally and lyrically gifted, this band knew how to move a crowd.


After their set I was excited to write about their music and tell them what an amazing job they did, but something was missing. As it turns out, this band doesn’t have a name and as upsetting as that was, I realized that they didn’t need one. I guess most bands don’t really need names at all. If the music is great, and they deliver a positive atmosphere, all they need to do is simply be. That’s the lesson I took from this band, simply being you is a lot easier than trying to be like everyone else. Keep spreading the good vibes guys, whoever you are…

That concludes this episode of glee, thanks for reading.

My Future Wife: Erykah Badu


I woke up this morning feeling groggy and sick, and I definitely wasn’t going to make it to my music theory class. Feeling like I missed out on a potential learning opportunity, I went to my computer to learn about music MY WAY. After scrolling through my dusty itunes to look for an uplifting classic to put on, something or someone, caught my eye. An afro-laden head with an expression that said “WAKE UP MOTHAFUCKA” was none other than Miss Erykah Badu. She is my spirit animal, my princess, my world, my everything. She is the reason I actually got out of bed that morning when I played her 2000 record, Mama’s Gun.

Later that evening (an hour ago), I was sifting through content for tonight’s BOB post when I stumbled upon a producer by the name of Wil Madden. His remix of Erykah Badu’s “Love of My Life,” takes the song out of it’s once thuggish ode to hip hop and creates a lighter, more poetic atmosphere for Badu’s vocals.

Check it out here —– ^

AS ALWAYS, thanks for reading!!!!!

The Production pretty boy from France, Gabriel Hays.


This week has been  a busy one for me and I haven’t really been listening to a lot of music. This is mostly because I’m switching majors and haven’t  had time to relax throughout all the paperwork and meetings. However, I have been focused on one particular artist when I do have down time, Gabriel Hays. Hailing all the way from France, he has successfully been my unofficial therapist for the week. His music is sexy, elegant, and as some soundcloud users describe it, “lush.” Whenever I’m just laying in my bed feeling like a limbless conscious, I throw some Gabriel on. Tracks like Cohiba..O have an old school hip hop vibe  combined with discordant drums and French Jazz samples. And if that doesn’t make your mouth water or your girl’s panties drop, take a listen to PlaïBoï.

As always, check the soundcloud for free downloads and listens:

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I haven’t done a “Sample of the week” post in forever so here’s that new new you’ve all been waiting for.

Usually when I look for artists who sample old school stuff I’ll just type something like “Madlib remix” into the search bar on Soundcloud. Once I find an artist I like I’ll look through their music and see if they pass my super secret “hot ass beat” test where I measure the hot assness of their music and remix of said song. This week I stumbled upon some crazy untouchable stuff sampling my boy MF DOOM. If you don’t already know who MF DOOM is, please leave now. Known for his legendary and extensive list of beats coming out of Stones Throw Records as well as a rather large resumé of collaborations, MF DOOM is somewhat of a beat making master. And even though he would never self proclaim that statement, I’ll say it for him, MF DOOM is a beat making master and ain’t nobody touchin’ him, u feel me? Anyway, this person came somewhat close to touching him, making some great remixes sampling other artists like Big L and the spirited away soundtrack.


For a name like ▲ṰṏỞ↑ἧᾯrṰḩ▼ (Toon North), this artist definitely delivers on remixes and sampling alike. His song “Vomit,” is a great reconstruction of the original track and remains loyal to MF DOOMs style and flavor. Most of his tracks on Soundcloud are free so check him out and take  some beats for dessert. As always I appreciate any views, comments, and shares. ALSO check out my NEW twitter and facebook pages in the about section or just click here. (Facebook) (Twitter)

Craving a Midnight Smack


This week has been kind of a sick one for me. No, not amazing, radical, dope, or any other colloquialisms. This week has been utter shit and it’s pretty much due to being in college. I mean really, what other environment can get you the flu, mono, or herpes within a month’s time. Needless to say, fall is here and I am already a drooling mess of snot. That aside, I’ve been staying in and listening to some pretty interesting music. The kind that comes with a drum pattern and sampled Indian throat singing. The kind with a man talking in the background saying your reality is in your head and that fear is irrelevant. I’m talking about a very specific kind of hip-hop, a trippy, gooey, chopped up mix of samples and tribal percussion patterns that are guaranteed to bust that third eye wide open.

I’m talking about, Midnight Smack 

SO I don’t even know where to begin, mostly because I am completely lost in my own head and can’t escape the primally charged, electronically laced sounds of Midnight Smack. A San Luis Obispo based DJ/Producer by the name of Nick Siamas who is described on Soundcloud as the “Bill Nye of Hip Hop,” creates a sound unlike any other. One of my producer friend’s showed me his stuff about a week ago and I have been obsessed ever since. It’s really difficult to describe his music, and on top of that I’m too lazy/sick. But think of Hip Hop mixed with a throat singing and dubstep for the drums. That’s the best I could do, but you’ll just have to listen for yourself to get the full experience. You won’t be the same after this, trust me. Have fun losing your mind, and thanks for listening.

The End of Time, Space, and possibly Hip-Hop. RAGNAROK.



Ragnarok on stage at SUNY Purchase student center.

After my third whiskey and pineapple juice (a diabolical combination), we decided it was time to leave before any of us threw up. I forced the heavy suite door open with all my weight and fell out, stumbling into the hallway. I was readying myself for the same old quiet, soft rock night at the student center with a freshman on acoustic guitar and cigarette breaks a plenty. I would’ve just stayed indoors that night but my friend’s band, Pandafan, was playing and so was a group called Ragnarok. While I had to support my friend’s indie-folk endeavor, I was really interested in hearing the sounds of SUNY Purchase’s all black musical collaborative, which Soundcloud describes as “a group of dope ass teens.” After about two hours of torturous drunk standing and green haired girls singing about Catcher in the Rye, it was time for, not Ragnarok, but more drinks. After our last whiskeys we went back to the student center to find all the acoustic guitars and emotional vibes had melted away and what was left standing l truly believed was the end of all space and time. Five African American guys, ranging from short to tall with their clothes covered in supreme logos and army prints. Their name was Ragnarok, and within seconds of the first song, they really let us know. The explosive energy brought by the group’s booming voices paired with the chilled out sounds of bass and drums convinced me it was the end of the world, and I was gonna’ love every minute of it. And love it I did as the group’s members kept bringing the energy, doing things like jumping off stage into a crowd of under 20 people and getting beat up (with love) by mosh pitters (yes there was moshing). Not only did these guys have an incredible stage presence but their band was killing it every song, even improvising at some points when they wanted to freestyle for the crowd.

“I don’t have swag I happen to refuse it, but what I do have is love for my music,” rhymes P.O.P, one of Ragnarok’s group members, on a track called “Black People get Down.” Ragnarok is a group of many flavors, on one hand they have a jazzy, classic hip hop vibe to their music and on the other an array of samples from their favorite Nintendo Video games. Overall their music is smooth and great to listen to when you want to grind with your shawty or just relax and read a book. I also had the pleasure of meeting the group’s members a month before the first time I saw them live. They’re just as energetic, kind, and funny as they are on stage without even trying. Thanks Ragnarok, I finally have a show to look forward to at my school.

Make sure to check out their Website and Soundcloud. As always, thanks for reading and have a good listen!!!!